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If 2016 Was of Freedom, 2017 Will be of Goals and Rewards

January 9, 2017.Mayur.1 Like.0 Comments

Yes, 2016 was the best year of my life so far! Starting the year up in the Himalayas, getting divorced after a long legal process, exploring newer destinations in India, and staying in my second home for the longest time so far, was just the beginning of it.

The key highlights of the year were exploring location independence and opening myself up to new cultures and viewpoints. However, I want to live 2017 differently!

If 2016 was the best year of my life, why am I trying to bring a change?

fb_img_1471834290914I have travelled around South East Asia for the most second half of 2016 going to great places and meeting amazing people. Although I started travelling with an intention of keep travelling, I have seen my focus shifting in recent weeks. After all, travelling is all about staying open to changes, isn’t it?

It’s easy to take this lifestyle for granted when the truth is that it’s a luxury for most of the world and it once was, to me. Changing places frequently, seeing people come and go, and getting into a nomad’s comfort zone can slow a person down. I am getting a feeling that I’m becoming less of a go-getter and less ambitious with this lifestyle.

But don’t I love travelling?


A large part of the credit for what I am today goes to travelling! Apart from the breathtakingly beautiful places travelling has opened me to, it’s the people I meet, and the ability to have first-hand cultural experiences that matter a lot to me. I have seen myself growing as a person, finding my ways through complex multi-cultural interactions and adapting to new information.


Wait, you are confusing me now…

Well, to cut the long story short, I want to use travelling as a reward for getting things done and not as status quo. It’s not difficult to understand. Studies and personal experiences have shown that reward in the form of what one loves the most works the best. Travelling really keeps me going and it’s probably the best reward I can offer to myself to keep going. Thus, after my current trip to South East Asia ends in March, I won’t pursue any long-term and international travels unless I have earned it as a reward.

Bravo! But how does it work?

I have set some personal and professional goals for 2017. Depending on the severity of the objective, I have set a corresponding reward for it. The rewards are as simple as a meal at my favorite restaurant or as elaborate as a trip to Europe or Latin America. It’s as simple as do it or miss it.

Some key challenges for 2017

dsc_0196I have found it hard to put a routine to my life while living a digital nomad’s lifestyle. I must admit that I am not an early riser but I do acknowledge the benefits of starting my day early to make sure I have time for everything I want to do.

Second, fitness is an area I have neglected for years. At 31, I feel it’s high time for me to focus on that to be able to convert more energy into action. Having a hyperactive persona and average fitness levels can only take you to point A. What’s worse? The hyperactive persona leads you to burnout if you are not fit for it.

There are some professional goals that I don’t want to disclose here for obvious reasons. However, they also come with rewards and those rewards won’t come without achieving them.

What happens to 50by50?

Although 50by50 is a hard quantitative goal, there is a bigger idea at the core of it. For those who don’t know, 50by50 came up around my 30th birthday as a means to have a challenge to work for in my then mundane life. It also sounds nice: D. My idea of travelling has changed drastically since then. Having said that, I may well achieve 50by50 or even 100by50, who knows? Meanwhile, I want to focus on earning each of my measure travel experience as a reward in 2017!

For those who (just like me) are finding it difficult to set goals, define rewards, devise a system, and work towards it, I’m glad to help. Just send me a message on 50by50 to connect. I will be happy to share my thoughts and research with you J

Wish you a great 2017 and beyond!

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