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2 weeks in Chiang Mai – The story of rebirth

July 2, 2016.Mayur.2 Likes.0 Comments

Disclaimer: The title of the post is kept misleading, deliberately ūüėÄ Sarcasm intended (Helps in SEO too)!

As you know, we Hindus and Buddhists believe in rebirth. As the theory goes, you accumulate karma for your good or bad deeds and get compensated for the same n your next birth.

The belief in rebirth saves us from the sense of urgency you will find in the West. Now you know what took me so long to write my first post sinceI left India!

It’s been two weeks in Chiang Mai (CM) and as some of my friends here put it, I’m loving CM more and more with each passing day.

The place (10/10)

As some of you must be aware of (I hope you are not a majority! New Unique Visitors please :P), I have kind of developed aversion for big cities ever since I got my awesome remote job which helped me explore working fromap_of_chiang-maim places up in the Himalayas. Chiang Mai sits perfectly between the chilled out vibe of the mountains and convenience of staying in


The city is fairly easy to navigate. A perfect square walled old city is located in the middle with a canal flowing across its periphery. The old city and its surrounding is full of intricately carved buddhist temples which make for perfect photo spots.


The people (10/10)

Expats or locals, people here are amazing! Maybe it’s the place which makes people feel so good about themselves or about others. I have met some amazing people doing great stuff and building great products. Being a hub for digital nomads, I’m sure Chiang Mai will give me a chance to meet a lot more awesome (I’m referring to the number of people here and not trying to quantify their awesomeness) people in the coming weeks.

The food (10/10)

The best part about the culture is the availability¬†of cheap appetizing and delicious Thai food at almost any time of the hour. Another thing I love about this place is the smoothie stalls that are there at almost every corner. I’ll talk more about food in a separate post.

With the place scoring 10/10 on 3 of my most basic parameters, I don’t think I have any reason to not to spnd longer time here in the future. For now, I have just over a month to explore this place in greater detail and keep on falling in love with it! Khabkhun Khrap, Chiang Mai! ūüôā

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